On Saturday & Sunday 29th & 30th July 2017 we have a Transport Weekend lined up that should interest everyone.

A Models Weekend featuring the Biggest Model Tramway layout in the UK (running on both days in the Museum) - 3rd year in Preston!

The Manchester Model Tramway Group (MMTG) has been displaying it’s collection of large scale model trams to the General Public for over 60 years on an average of one exhibition per year.
The trams are built to a scale of 5/8 “ to a foot with a gauge of 27/16 inch. This is unique to the group and has historical origins. The tramway is handbuilt by members, past and present, and is their personal property.

At present there are trams available based on prototypes from, amongst others,London, Blackburn, Blackpool, Liverpool,Sheffield, Sunderland etc.
The group traces its roots back to when our founder, the late George Oakley, first exhibited the model trams he had built for his son, Rodney, at the Manchester Model Railway Society’s Exhibition in 1949.


The track is standard coarse 0 gauge rail and chairs, mounted on a hardboard base, many pieces of which are over 50 years old. In the reverse of full size practice, the track is live at 24v DC, and is divided into sections, so the cars can be controlled, with earth return by the overhead.
After far too many years of using whatever tables/trestles etc. the venue can provide, often of different heights, we have developed our own tables using Unistrut which gives us a foundation for good running, and enhances the rail noise!!


Train Rides will be operating along our line with an hourly service and our Admission Fees are at Gala Event Rates:
Day Ticket - includes entry to the Museum, Workshop and Unlimited Train Rides (Pay on the day of your visit)
Adults £8.00
Children £5.00 Children under 3: Free
Concessions £5.00
Family £23.00 2 Adults plus 2 Children
* Disabled visitors and their carers are charged at Concession rate
* We do not do advance bookings - you just turn up and pay on the day

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