A full list of all our locomotives, Steam & Diesel is published here. Some are currently off site, awaiting arrival or away on loan at other Heritage Railway sites. We will attempt to keep this list as up to date as we can although items might change at very short notice. If you have any enquiries at anytime just mail us  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Andrew Barclay 1147/1908 'John Howe'
Andrew Barclay 1598/1918 'Efficient'
Andrew Barclay 1833/1924 'Niddrie' (under restoration)
Andrew Barclay 1865/1926 'Alexander'
Andrew Barclay 1950/1928 'Heysham No.2' (Fireless)
Andrew Barclay 1969/1929 'JN Derbyshire'
* (Andrew Barclay 2261/1949 'No. 6' - departed to new home at Cambrian Heritage Railways)
Andrew Barclay 2343/1953 'British Gypsum No4'  (under restoration)
Andrew Barclay 880/1902 0-4-0CT Crane 'Glenfield No1'

Avonside 1568/1909 'Lucy'
Avonside 1810/1918 'M.D.H.B. No. 26'
Avonside 1883/1922

Bagnall 2680/1942 'Courageous' (In service at RSR)

Borrows 48/1906 'The King'
Borrows 53/1909 'Windle' (under heavy restoration - stripped)

BR Ivatt 46441/1950

* Furness Railway No.20 (currently based at NRM Shildon)

Grant Ritchie 272/1894 (In Service at RSR)

* GWR 0-6-2T 5643 (FRT - on loan at the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway)
GWR 4-6-0 4979 Wootton Hall (FRT Collection)

Hawthorn Leslie 3931/1938 'Linda' (In Service at RSR)

Hunslet 1954/1939 'Kinsley'
Hunslet 2890 0-6-0 'Douglas'
Hunslet 3155/1944 'Walkden' 
Hunslet 3696/1950 'Respite'
Hunslet 3793/1953 'Shropshire'
Hunslet 3855/1955 'Glasshoughton No.4'  (under restoration)
* Hunslet WD194/1953 ‘Cumbria’ (FRT Collection - out on loan)

* L&Y Aspinall 1300/12322 - 1896 (currently on loan at ELR)
L&Y Pug 1097/1910 ‘No. 19' (L&YR Trust collection)

LNWR Ramsbottom 1439/1865 (NRM collection)

Peckett 1636/1924 'Fonmon'
Peckett 1925/1937 'Caliban' (FRT Collection)
Peckett 1935/1937 'Hornet'
Peckett 1999/1941 'North Western Gas Board'
Peckett 2003/1941 'John Blenkinsop' (on loan from Middleton Railway Trust)
Peckett 737/1899 'Daphne' (Not Viewable)

RSH 7485/1948 'Agecroft No.2'

Sentinel 8024/1929 'Gasbag'
Sentinel 9373/1947 'St Monans' (to be renamed 'Gradwell' for Whittingham Rly Anniversary)

USA 0-6-0T No.30072 / 1943


BR Class 03 03189/1960
BR Class 03 D2148/1960 
BR Class 05 D2595/1959 
BR Class 14 D9539 /1965

Diesel Railbus - 79960/1958 

English Electric EE2098 /1955 '671'
English Electric EE788 /1930 
English Electric VF2160 /D350/1956 '663'

Fowler 0-4-0DM 21999/1937 "Fluff"
Fowler 4160001/1952 'Persil' 

Greenwood Batley 2000/1945 'Greenbat' 

Howard 965/1930 'Hotto'

Hudswell Clarke 0-4-0 DM D629 'Sparky'
Hudswell Clarke 1031/1956 'Margaret'
Hudswell Clarke D628/1943 'Mighty Atom' 

North British 27653/1957 BICC

Sentinel 10226/1965 'Energy' (ex MSC DH23)
Sentinel 10282/1968 'Enterprise' 
Sentinel 10283/1968 'Progress'

Thomas Hill 160V/1966 'Stanlow No. 4' 

Yorkshire 2677/1960 D2870

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